Rock it.

Hi cute friends!

As a girl who colors my hair pretty unicorn colors frequently, and is more comfortable rocking a bold lip than without, something I hear A LOT is,

“OMG, I love your (hair, tattoos, lipstick, shoes, etc.), I wish I could rock that”

Helloooo, that is my biggest pet peeve ever, because one it’s kind of rude, and two:


If you want to color your hair an offbeat color, do it. If you want to wear green lipstick, do it.  If you want to try out a new style, do it. DO IT DO IT DO IT DOOOOO IIIITTTTT!!!!

It makes me so sad hearing girls tell me that they’re too scared to try something fun with their appearance. Life is too short to be boring and scared of trying fun things, especially when it comes to your appearance. Hair grows back, make up wipes off, stop holding yourself back from expressing yourself and trying new things.

I promise the only reason black lipstick looks good on me is because I wear it with confidence. Some people might not like it and make fun of me, but I don’t care because I’m having fun and that’s all that matters. One time in 5th grade I wore gaucho pants as a shirt, literally so embarrassing (and people definitely made fun of me) but I didn’t care and I rocked it with unshakable confidence. Moral of the story, just be confident and you can literally rock anything (or fake it till you make it)!!!! You’ll look amazing I promise!

Try that pinterest braid, spend an extra ten minutes and do a purple smokey eye, buy those shoes you’re in love with but are out of your comfort zone, buzz your head, go bra-less, dye your hair pink, whatever you’re dying to try, do it, and rock the hell out of it.

Don’t be scared to try new things and be who you are.

Thanks for reading my lil pep talk, I hope it helped brighten your day. Send me pics of all the funky new things you try & I will hype you up!! You’re amazing ❤


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