Photo Dump

Wow September went by SO FAST. It feels like the last 30 days all took place in like a week and half. Can life slow down for like a couple seconds??? I need to catch my breath.

Anyway, these posts are really fun for me. I know you guys probably don’t like them/don’t care about them, so sorry in advance but it’s my blog & I can do what I want to.

These are all my pics from September-enjoy (:

Sundance full moon lift, my all time favorite date!
Cutie lil wildflowers 
Sean and I were going to $5 movie night and I braided my hair in the car with out a mirror and asked him if it looked alright. He said it didn’t look very good, so I made him take a picture to show me. I thought it looked pretty damn great. Moral of the story boys don’t know anything.
Orem Owls game (p.s. I like him a lot)
Sometimes you try and prop your phone up on your car to take a picture and it focuses on the car. I don’t know why but this picture makes me laugh so hard every time I look at it.
Cutie lil sunset in Colorado (:

The best/craziest time of year (Hallothanksmas) is right around the corner. YEEP. I am so excited! I hope October goes by a little slower so I can enjoy every little bit of fall (before mean nasty winter is here).



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