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Going to Hawaii changed my opinion travel.

My entire life I have grown up under the impression that Hawaii is strictly for honeymooners and rich people and that I would never go there unless I was newly wed or nearly dead (aka retired), or perhaps on the off chance I ended up nannying for a nice rich family that invited me along with them, you know to watch the kids while they were getting couples massages. But I hate children so that last option wasn’t really a viable one.

Never in a million years did I think I would be hiking on the beautiful island of Kauai, and certainly not as a unmarried 21 year old. The whole trip I kept having to pinch myself and remember that this was in fact real. I did it, I was really here.

On the flight home was when it really hit me: TRAVEL NOW!

I was sitting on the plane surrounded by families with babies and small children (yes, you can travel with children, they don’t have to “ruin” your life, but they do make things a little harder).  I kept thinking about how lucky I am to just be able to get up and go. I have nothing to be responsible for except myself. I sat there and started reflecting on how easy my trip was, I could do whatever I wanted. I realized if I waited until I was rich (ie old and retired) to come to Hawaii I would not have been able to do some of the hikes that I did. The hikes were my favorite part! I have a capable body and no small people to worry about. I can do practically whatever I want. The time for me to travel is now.

If traveling is something important to you, do it now. There is always an excuse to why it can’t work, but there’s also always a way to make it happen. I’m not a travel blogger, I don’t get paid to go to exotic places (I wish), but I make it work. I want to travel more, and I will, because it’s important to me.

The things you prioritize are the things you do. Everything takes a little bit of sacrifice. I will 100% real with you, I don’t make a lot of money. If I want to go somewhere I save. I wait for cheap tickets, book them as far in advance as possible and figure the rest out as I go. I use things like Airbnb and Turo, YOU CAN TRAVEL CHEAP AND STILL HAVE A GOOD TIME! #ballinonabudget.  In my mind it’s more important to have experiences instead of things. I could save up and buy a new iPhone because honestly my current phone is trashed, but I just see that money as a couple of plane tickets and I keep putting it off and going on more trips instead.

It’s funny to me how many people say they want to travel or “adventure” and are “down for anything” but when I ask them if they want to go somewhere with me, all I’m met with is excuses.

Traveling is all about your prospective, if it’s a priority to you, you can make it happen. I hate hearing people complain about how much they want to travel but how they don’t have the money, yet I see them buy big extravagant things. You just spent your travel money on a smart watch and microblading. If you keep saying “I’ll travel when……..” It will never happen, that day will never come. There will always be an excuse, and that goes for everything else in life. Decide you’re doing it and go.

I sat on the beach on Kauai and saw the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen in my 21 years of life. Everything was pink and glowing. I wished that everyone in the world could experience that kind of beauty. I sat in the sand watching the pink tinted waves crash on the shore until it was dark. I’ve never seen such intense beauty in my life. I was so emotional and overwhelmed by what my eyes were seeing that it took everything I had not to cry. I couldn’t believe that this was my reality. I lived this magical moment, it was mine to keep forever. I never wanted it to end. This moment of pure unfiltered joy is one of the best memories I’ve made so far. I never want to stop living moments like this. Moments like this are why I want to keep traveling, I want to continue to see beautiful magical things. To visit new places and be awe struck by the beauty this planet has to offer.


Anything is possible and if there is something you want to do, you should definitely make it happen.

Stop making excuses and start making magic happen.

Hawaii was amazing, I feel empowered, like I can do anything. I have so many places I want to go… I just started working on getting my passport!!



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