Swipe up

HI, it’s been awhile….

Ever since Black Friday I have been taking a unintentional break from social media.

I’ve just been really annoyed….

I know it has a lot to do with the this time of year, but it seems like every single post I see is an ad for something. Don’t get me wrong I am all for supporting people, and sharing real meaningful products, I love small businesses, hell I have one. It’s just the constant selling that I’m sick of. Every story has a swipe up link, every post is affiliated and I am so burnt out.

It’s something about seeing the same ad eight times by the same eight people who were all sent the same PR packages that is so boring to me. I’m tired of seeing ads everywhere I look, I’m tired of being bombarded with nothing but discount codes, affiliated links and swipe ups. I’ve been so annoyed with it that I’ve taken a well needed break from social media, with out even trying to.

When I started blogging, I used it solely as a platform for oversharing every thought and detail of my life. I was never blogging to make money, I was never doing this to become the all mighty and sought after “power influencer” I was simply writing to write. I was writing for myself, and if a handful of people thought that was interesting enough to read, I was over joyed.

I think I lost myself a little.

I started thinking of ways I could monetize my site, get a bigger following, etc. It slowly became less and less about me and saying what I was passionate about and more about pushing ad friendly content in hopes I’d get brand deal. I was obsessing over followers and stressing over putting up a post every single week. I constantly played the comparison game- and never felt good enough…

But that’s never been what this is about for me.

Over the past month I’ve realized that and I can’t believe I let myself get so caught up in it. I don’t care about the followers or making money from my blog. I don’t care about my instagram theme or if I post at the correct times each day.

What I care about is sharing what I’m passionate about, whether that be products I like or ideas that I have. I’m sick of the ads, I’m sick of the selling selling selling.

I just want to share what I love and am passionate about with out trying to shove products down peoples throats.

I’m not selling you anything, I’m just here to be myself and overshare about my personal life. I hope there is still room for that in this ad crazed place.

Thank you for reading, and p.s. I promise I’ll never tell you to ‘swipe up’


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