Getting Thrifty

This outfit is completely thrifted! Can you believe that?

Here’s the deal, everyone wants to look their best (or better than everyone else, let’s be honest with ourselves) during the holidays, but we also want to be able to afford Christmas presents for the people we love. Which is why a lot of people go crazy for the ‘sales’ that are going on right now. I want to let you in on a little secret. I used to work retail, and the sales we had during black Friday were the same sales we had all year. We changed the signs to say “BLACK FRIDAY MARK DOWN” and everyone went crazy. You aren’t really getting a good deal, ESPECIALLY when it comes to clothes. 25% off are you kidding?! That is not a sale, but guess where you can get amazing deals year around? THRIFT STORES!

Thrifting is something that I’ve really gotten into this past year. It’s good for the planet and your wallet. I know thrifting can seem gross and overwhelming at first, but that’s why I’m here, to show you it’s not, it’s actually easy and fun.
Today I want to share my favorite places to thrift and some tips to help you be a successful thrift-er.

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Moby Thrift
This is the easiest place to start, they’ve done all the work for you. They’re an amazing company and I love shopping with them. I have a whole post about some of my amazing finds from Moby here. The sweater and skirt I’m wearing are both from here. Also can we talk about the fact that I scored a 100% leather skirt for $8. yeah. Thrifting is cool guys.

Facebook yard sales
What? I know. It definitely takes some digging, negotiating and dealing with flaky people but I have found some killer stuff on there. I actually just bought 3 pairs of higher end shoes on a Facebook yard sale for $75. The boots I’m wearing in this outfit were originally $100 and I got them for $30! The Orem clothing swap is a good group to join, as well as the Provo and Orem facebook yard sale pages. Also here’s a fun lil secret, I have found a lot of legit Utah county fashion bloggers selling their clothes on Facebook  yard sales (and obviously their stuff is really nice & cute).

My sisters closet/uptown cheapskate
I have found that these stores are super picky in the brands they sale which means they tend to be a little pricier but you can find some high quality pieces. These stores will also buy clothes from you so keep that in mind!

In my opinion both are a little overwhelming and take a lot of digging but you can find amazing pieces from both. Savers is a little more expensive, but seems to have good finds more often whereas DI is cheaper and is more often a miss than a hit.

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Tips for beginners
-Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find something great everytime you go.
-Have an idea of what you want. I keep a list in notes on my phone of pieces I’m looking for so I don’t get too overwhelmed.
-Don’t be afraid of used shoes. you can saitize them
-Going to savers and DI’s in nicer (richer) neighborhoods *this usually means finding higher end pieces
-Only buy stuff that you actually love and can picture yourself wearing. It’s so easy to get caught up in how cheap everything is and go a little crazy.
-Go often!
-Know your brands! I’ve been thrifting and found some really cute pieces only to find that they are extremely overpriced for the brand that they are. I once found some amazing boots for $20, they looked so good I thought they had to be designer, but I looked up the brand and found out they were sold at payless, second hand they should have been closer to $10 . PASS.
-Don’t be afraid of the men’s/women’s section. I find the most amazing, perfectly worn-in flannels in the men’s section, and I like to buy cool men’s graphic tee’s and cut them into work out tanks.

Anyway, those are just some quick tips for becoming a thrifting extraordinaire so amazing even Macklemore would be jealous. I think we should all look baller, even if we’re on a budget. Send me pictures of your killer finds I would love to see them! Now a few more photos of my outfit, because that’s the real reason you’re here (;

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