Creating Magic.

Hey guys guess what?!

Living your best life does not mean traveling the world, taking Instagram photos of stunning #blueasswater, or driving a Range Rover and shopping exclusively at nords. It definitely can mean those things, but it doesn’t have to.

For you living your best life could mean marrying an NBA player, being an instagram model, having 10 kids, becoming a lawyer, building a tiny house and living off the grid, moving to a different country, owning your own business, or literally anything you can dream up in that pretty little head of yours.

Living your best life is specific to you

There is no how to manual for life. There are no cheat codes. No prerequisites, no check lists or to do lists, and most importantly, no limitations.

The world is in fact your oyster.
You have endless possibilities at your fingertips to create the life you want. The one that’s *~perfect~* for you, because it was designed by you.

Right now I want you to *pause* for a moment and picture your ideal life. Not the life you think you’re supposed to have because society tells you that you should, but the life you actually want. Got it?

Guess what? You can have it!

You can have the life you’ve always dreamed of and I’m going to let you in on a little secret on how to get it.

It all starts with taking a baby step out of your comfort zone, and then another, and another until you’re making giant leaps for man kind toward the things you want.
Once you step out of your comfort zone, magic starts happening.

Stepping out of your comfort zone makes you realize where you were holding yourself back. Insecurities and fears you didn’t even know existed are now snarling in your face clawing at you, trying to drag you back down to your comfy space. In that moment all you have to say is “nope” and let those lil nasties go.

Confronting your comfort zone is hard, it won’t be comfy or pretty (growth never is) but it will be so worth it.

If something scares you and makes you get giddy butterflies, count to 5 and do it. Leap out of your comfort zone and run head first into your dreams. Listen to your heart and what it truly desires and go after it. Don’t let anything stop you.

You can do anything, be anything, and achieve anything your lil heart desires.

The only limitation you have are the ones you’ve set for yourself. Stop living in fear and challenge yourself. In the words of the great and all knowing Shia Labeouf, don’t let your dreams be dream, JUST DO IT!

Magic will follow.

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