Hello, welcome to my new home, my little creative corner.

Blogging has always been something that I’ve wanted to do, and I have been doing it… I mean, I’ve had a blog since high school but I haven’t really been putting my heart into it. Last night I felt a wave of motivation to get back into blogging, you know, to give it an actual try, (not just a half try). I looked up my favorite blogger for some late night inspo and her blog was gone?

Guys, I legit cried. I cried because she inspired me to start a blog and chase my dreams. I cried because I looked up to her so much (still do) but her blog, the blog I looked up anytime I had writers block or didn’t feel good enough, the blog that always lifted me up, motivated, and inspired me, was gone. GONE. Like someone else owns her domain now and everything.

Seeing that was the push I needed to finally  take the leap and buy my domain. Which means this baby is allll mine, for reals.  I OWN IT. *sassy hairflip*

SO Hi!! I’m really excited to be here (I hope you are too). This is my baby. Maybe blogging isn’t for me, but maybe it is. I won’t know until I give an actual try, so that’s what this is, my actual try.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂



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